Farm experiences in the Zillertal

Our interactive, family-run farm with stables and a small animals farm is located only 80 meters from Ferienhotel Sonnenhof. It means a lot to us to be able to offer our animals a nice place to live and allow guests to experience a Tyrolean farm up-close!

You and your children will be delighted! On the unique viewing platform, you can observe the life of various animals on the farm in a completely new and unprecedented way! This is a one-of-a-kind experience for all ages!

Our animals on the farm

On our farm, you have the unique opportunity to see, feed, and pet many different types of animals:

Animals to pet in summer

On our small animal farm, there are many animals to pet such as rabbits, sheep, and goats, which love for you to spoil them by petting them and offering them carrots in summer. There are also exotic animals living here: our cute alpacas look forward to every visit and delight all the children.

Horses and ponies

Our Haflinger mare “Lora”, our trotter “Iso-Victory”, our pony “Max”, as well as our dwarf pony “Amadeus” especially love to be fed and pet by horse lovers both young and old. In July and August, our guests can ride ponies 3 times a week for free as part of the childcare program.

Cows and calves

In summer, our cows are in our own pasture enjoying the fresh grass and delicious alpine herbs. Our cows and calves spend the rest of the year on the pasture in the valley and in the large freestall barn. From the viewing platform, you have the best view of the lively goings-on in the stable.

Our freestall barn

In 2010, we completely modernized our farm. For our family, pasture grazing and an open stable for the cows as well as the productivity of the mother cows were important reasons to convert our stable into a freestall barn. With state-of-the-art milking technology, the cows are milked by an automated milking system. This makes our work schedule much more flexible and allows us to increase the milking frequency up to 3-5 milkings per cow and day, which results in improved udder health for freshly lactating cows.

The roofed area used by animals to rest and lie down along with the exercise and watering areas are accessible anytime to the cows. With the space structured in this way, the animals are encouraged to move around frequently on the one hand, and on the other hand, they have the opportunity to be together or get out of the other animals’ way depending on the situation. In such a facility, the criteria for species-appropriate cow husbandry, for example exercise, social contact, light, and fresh air, can be ideally fulfilled.