Massage Treatments at the 4*S Ferienhotel Sonnenhof

After an active day, there is nothing more wonderful than feeling all tension dissipate and your muscles regenerate with one of our massages. Select aromatic oils and a variety of professional massage techniques will help you enjoy the magic of the moment. With a massage, your breathing will become deeper and your state of mind harmonized. This helps restore a physical-mental balance.

For resting after a treatment, we recommend our winter garden with the “Siesta” wellness lounger and our new “relaxation room of quietness” with heated loungers and waterbeds. In the wellness lounger, you can enjoy the exceptional feeling of floating and feel the calming effect of a cradling, swinging motion. Awaiting you are all the comforts, both sitting and reclining, for important hours of relaxation. Kick back and unwind and bring body and mind back into balance!

Our massage treatments at a glance

Classic massages

Partial and Full Body Massage

from € 32

The overall condition of the body improves. This massage contributes to more robust health and greater resistance to ailments. It affects the skin, the blood and lymphatic systems, the articular capsules, the tendons and peripheral nerves. Blood circulation improves in the muscles and performance is enhanced.


Partial Body Massage 25 min: € 32
Sports Massage 25 min: € 35
Full Body Massage 55 min: € 54

Intensive Back Treatment

€ 58

Intensified holds taken from classic massage techniques: directed to the spine, the neck, the shoulders and the sacrum area. The massage improves the physical functions: It brings toxins to the surface, nourishes the skin and stimulates the organs. Toxins and metabolic waste products are removed, connective tissue is toned, the skin becomes softer.  The back is freed from muscle tension and cramping


Duration: 55 min

Special Neck Massage

€ 38

Massage for the neck muscles aimed at relieving tension.


Duration: 25 min

Combined Massage

€ 58

Grant yourself a time-out and enjoy 55 minutes of activating foot reflexology and relaxing back massage!


Duration: 55 min

Loosening Massage

€ 61

Tense parts of the body are first warmed up with the help of hot-water bottles and blankets. Afterwards, tension is treated and relieved with the Vibramat and then with special creams (Arthrobene red-blue-green). Very effective in the shoulder area, sacrum, etc ...


Duration: 50 min

Just for Kids (up to age 14)

€ 25

Effective massage aimed at relaxation and clearing the head from the stresses of school life.

  • 10 min foot massage
  • 10 min neck-and-shoulder massage


​​​​​​​Clothing: t-shirt and comfortable pants
Duration: 20 min

Massages based on Chinese methods

Vitality-Point Treatment based on the techniques of Dr. Thonet Chen

€ 58

The RWO-SHR vitality-point massage unifies ancient Chinese methods in order to cure ailments and injuries (without use of needles or medications).  Theory and practice of Chinese acupuncture, Tui Na, acupressure, Shihatsu and energy-regulating breathing techniques are brought together in the RWO-SHR vitality-point massage. It can result in relief of energy blockages, deposits in the joints and muscle hardening, all without any side effects. Through massage directing pressure along the meridians, the metabolism is stimulated, our body's self-healing powers are stimulated, while a deep relaxation of mind, body and soul is attained.


Clothing: t-shirt and comfortable pants

Duration: 55 min

Chinese Reflexology Massage

from € 32

By stimulating the various reflex zones, the organs are stimulated in the body. Serves to improve blood circulation, hormone regulation and improve organ function.
The massage of specific reflex points, the stimulus is through the nervous impulses at a rate of 120 m / sec. by nerves continue to the target organ.


Reflexology 25 min: € 32
Reflexology 55 min: € 54

Head or Migraine Massage

€ 38

Massage in combination with vitality points, relieves pressure in the head. The RWO-SHR health method serves as a curative measure to alleviate pain and prevent illness. By means of foot reflexology massage and vitality-point massage, our organs, glands and muscles throughout the body are activated.

Foot Reflexology Massage according to RWO-SHR
improves blood flow and organ function. This method focuses on 64 reflexology zones (to this point, western methods had only 37!)

Vitality-Point Massage according to RWO-SHR
removes energy blockages and enhances energy flow

Chi Gong Breathing- & Energy-Regulating Method  
strengthens and regulates the body's energy flow


Duration: 25 min.

Wellness Massages

Spinal Massage

€ 48

The sacrum, the  long back extensor, the nape of the neck and the spine are massaged with St. John's wort and peanut oil. After ca. 20 minutes of massage, the oils are applied once more, then covered with greaseproof paper and wrapped. If you then spend another 25min. in a relaxed position, the body, cartilage, soft tissue and muscles can really absorb the oils. The discs receive the nutrients they require. The touch of the masseur's hands, working in unison with the harmonious effects of the oils, provides deep relaxation, muscle tension is alleviated, body and soul are once again brought into balance. 


Duration: 50 min

Anti-Stress Massage

€ 57,00

Is administered with the flat of the hand, results in a sense of wellbeing, harmonises and soothes. You can relax wonderfully and simply enjoy. Wonderful on the skin - causes the body's energy to flow once again.


Duration: 50 min

Aroma Oil Massage

€ 61,00

Massage with Arthrobene White Oil. Southern Arabian therapeutic oil of the Sabaeans (Yemen) - enhances the immune system, inhibits rheumatic joint pain and creates harmony in dealing with burn-out syndrome.


Duration: 50 min

Herbal Stamp Massage

€ 66

In Asian regions, a form of thermal treatment, the herbal stamp massage, has been preserved through the generations.  Through a very distinct massage technique inner and outer harmony is achieved in the body. You will be massaged with special, pre-heated oils. The body is massaged with heated herbal stamps in a special rhythm.


Duration: 50 min

Electro stimulation with Compex (electrical muscle stimulation)

€ 59

  • chronic muscle pain
  • chronic neck pain
  • muscle pain in the back area
  • muscle pain in the lumbar area
  • chronic elbow pain


Duration: 50 min

BODY´S DETOX professional electrolysis foot bath with system

from € 18

Deacidificate & detoxificate your system with a professional electrolysis foot bath

  • deep and yet gently effective 
  • exceptionally well-tolerated 
  • immediately visible and tangible successes 
  • purely physical method


Cellulite? Get your metabolism back into shape and give serious thought to a change in your eating habits, more physical exercise - and to Body´s Detox. Deacidification and detoxification in the form of Body´s Detox has been successful due to the thousands of specialized sweat glands in the soles of the feet, which make it possible to drain off more toxins and metabolic waste products etc. than average.


Foot bath kids 15 min: € 18
Foot bath 30 min: € 38
Combo - foot bath 30 min & reflexology 20 min: € 65
Combo - 2 x foot bath 30 min & 1 x reflexology 20 min: € 95

Massage effects

Massages loosen blockades and mobilise your own energies. The occuring reactions are proof of the vitality and the activated energy flow within the organisum of the treated person.
Such reactions might be:  ✓ light headaches ✓ temporary tiredness ✓ increased diuresis

These symptoms wear off and are signs of the self-regeneration of your body!

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Did you know ...

✓ that a massage in the morning gives you a real boost in energy
✓ that a massage in the evening gives you a sense of calm and wellbeing
✓ that a treatment is often more enjoyable and effective if you set aside time to rest afterwards