Tile & Stone Barefoot Path at the 4*S Ferienhotel Sonnenhof

Reflexology – for a healthy life! Our new tile & stone barefoot path will help you maintain the natural balance of mind, body, and soul. Through pressure on the reflex zones of your feet, specific trouble areas are treated and the body’s self-healing powers are stimulated.

A walk along our new full balance tile & stone barefoot path also helps reduce stress, prevent back pain, boost circulation, facilitate digestion, and has a positive effect on your personal well-being.

Treat yourself and your body to a well-deserved and invigorating time-out!

A different kind of foot reflexology massage

Natural stones that are affixed to a tile exert pressure on various reflex zones on the surface of the foot. This is the secret behind this foot reflexology massage, because the pressure consequently leads to a reaction in the corresponding organs. You can thus achieve positive effects on your holistic state of health by simply applying pressure to a total of 16 different reflex zones.

Detailaufnahme Barfußweg mit einzelnen Platten für FußreflexzonenmassageDetailaufnahme Kieselsteine beim Tile- & Stone-BarfußwegBlick von oben auf den Barfussweg mit den einzelnen Platten für die Fußreflexzonenmassage