Reiki Treatments at the 4*S Ferienhotel Sonnenhof

Reiki is a natural way to dissolve blockages and activate the body’s self-healing powers according to the motto: “Healthy cannot be bought. It can be attained by your own way of life!”. Achieve absolute well-being with a Reiki treatment at Ferienhotel Sonnenhof by dissolving blockages.

Causes of blockages and solutions

  • Negative thoughts – are transformed into positive ones
  • Worries that make you sick – develop a sense of tranquility
  • Dwelling on problems – clearly visible problem solutions
  • Dissatisfaction – gratitude for everything and everyone
  • Fear of loss – find joy in what you have
  • Bottling up negative feelings – have the courage to speak up
  • Dispute – express your opinion and accept other opinions
  • Being unfair – willingness to compromise
  • Frustration, stress, and conflict – security, comfort, creativity, harmony
  • Anger, hate, envy, hostility – peace and a zest for life
  • Compulsion to control and criticize – strengthened self-confidence
  • Drug, smoking, and food cravings – more willpower
  • Too little movement, lethargy, listlessness – gather energy
  • Resistance to change – relaxation through emotional well-being
Reiki applications at a glance

REIKI Full-Body Treatment

€ 45

You will lie clothed and comfortably relaxed while our REIKI master channels energy through her hands and through your body and your energy system.


Duration: 50 min.

REIKI Intensive

€ 120

This treatment should ideally be given over 3 consecutive days.


Duration: 3 x 45 min

REIKI Short Attunement

€ 40

You will sit in joyful expectation while our REIKI master prepares you with cosmic symbols to be able to practice the laying of hands yourself and channel REIKI energy.


Duration: 30 min